Woodstock Beginner 8 Week Course: Transformational Acting with Bruce Levy
Saturdays March 25th-May 20th (Dates are tentative)
Cost $195
129 Tinker St, Woodstock, NY
Email to reserve your spot: studio@sandeshurin.com.

“Sande is beginning an 8 week introductory course in her magnificent technique, taught by none other than Bruce Levy, one of my first teachers. First, you need to know that Sande’s technique will open you up, get you to know yourself as you have never known, and allow you to transform into character, transform and create characters in your own “inimitable” way. You will feel these characters bubbling up in you, without having to pretend, to put on, anything other than the truth of your being, in this place in this time. Bruce has had a great career as an agent (both in theater and real estate), writer, performer, and teacher. He has a very loving side (next to his world-class sarcasm), and is a joy to take class from. His work, in Sande’s technique, is first class. The course is for not only beginning actors, but for seasoned actors who are looking for a fresh cut into their work. And it works for those in other fields who are looking for a way to help develop their creativity. For me, it seems that whatever I need to work on in my life – that is what is being worked on in class. So…register and open up.” – Jadah Carroll

Actor, writer, and former talent agent, Bruce Levy, brings a unique opportunity to transform your acting with The Shurin Technique, a revolutionary method to go about acting. This technique developed by Bruce’s partner, Sande Shurin, has you find and work from your unique authentic self so you “stop acting” and start having an experience to share with the audience. This is where the actor becomes an artist rather than a craftsman.

For 8 Weeks:
YOU learn to access ALL of you & transform your unique self into the written character.
YOU use what you’re feeling, not what you think the character should be feeling.
YOU learn to work the material in a bold way.
YOU have an experience, working in the moment, When you have an experience so does the audience no matter which medium you are working in.

From Bruce Levy: “I love working with people interested in exploring their interest in acting either for fun or the possibility of acting as a career. In these 8 weeks you will get a handle on an exceptional acting technique, Sande Shurins Transformational Acting, and you will discover if you want to continue the exploration. But one thing for sure…You will always have these 8 weeks of self discovery in you pocket which will help you in your personal life or as a solid base of continuing on with acting.”

Here is what Actors who have worked with Sande and this technique have to say:

“Sande’s technique, Transformational Acting, works in all mediums and is a fresh, vibrant technique that brings out the best in folks, I’ve seen it time and time and time again.” – Annie Edgerton

“Truth in acting! I can’t praise Sande’s teaching enough. I have been in this studio for 11 years now and have seen people “transform” time and again right before my eyes, and I have grown into a competent actor myself with her method and incredibly insightful coaching. Even if you’ve acted for years or studied good techniques like Meisner, Sande’s method will bring yourself into your work–the most challenging part of it all–without the fear or self-doubt so often proving an obstacle, because ultimately it is personal to you. And as a result, you come to love acting all the more when you own your work so deeply.” – Dayle Vander Sande

For more information or to reserve your spot, email: studio@sandeshurin.com.