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“Making a Difference”: Industry Professionals Making a Difference in The World – Prince & Princess Kunle & Keisha Omilana, Joyce Brooks, Anitra Frazier, and Naum Panovski

What does the world need and how does one fulfill it? What is needed and how does one step up to the plate?

Prince & Princess Kunle Joyce Brooks Anitra Frazier Naum Panovski

Prince & Princess               Joyce Brooks      Anitra Frazier       Naum Panovski
Kunle & Keisha Omilana

Nigerian Born Pastor Kunle Omilana is the CEO and founder of Wonderful TV which has become a powerful voice in the Christian TV industry reaching over 100 million homes. He and his model/actress wife Keisha are committed to upgrading the condition of children in need at an international level.

Joyce Brooks: Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder of Black Tie International Magazine. Although Black Tie International evokes thoughts of style, elegance and start studded events they are also your front seat to making a significant difference in the universe by supporting the world of International charities.

Anitra Frazier: A successful Broadway actress who, because of her love of cats, wrote the highly successful book “The Natural Cat” which educates the cat owner into a holistic and healthful handling of their pets. This book has also popularized in-home hydration extending the lives and comfort of her furry loved ones. She is a worldwide telephone consultant for felines.

An international director and dramaturg with over 70 productions under his belt has worked with such international luminaries as Carl Weber, Robert Corrigan, Joseph Chaikin, Maria Irene Fornes, Jean Claude van Itallie, Ted Hoffman, Richard Schechner, Paul Zindel, Eduardo Machado, Dzevad Karahasan, Goran Stafanovski, Mira Furlan, Milka Podrug Kokotovic, Marin Gozze, Ina Gogalova-Marojevic, Smaranda Branescu, Luba Tadic, Liljana Krstic. At present his theater company, Poiesis, is creating art as an open landscape through “Braiding” which brings together and unites internationally diverse cultures throughout the world.

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The Directors at Work. Meet the Directors” – Barry Shils, Nicole Quinn, and Robert Margolis

Barry Shils Nicole Quinn Robert Margolis

Barry Shils                                Nicole Quinn                   Robert Margolis

Barry Shils: Wigstock: The Movie. HBO’s hit series “Real Sex.” “Motorama” with Drew Barrymore, Flea, Meat Loaf, and Garrett Morris. “Vampire’s” starring Nicolas Cage, Jennifer Beals, and Maria Conchita.

Nicole Quinn:”Racing Daylight” starring Academy Award nominees Melissa Leo and David Strathairn. She Has written for HBO, Showtime, and Network Television.

Robert Margolis: A director, and writer who has starred in numerous independent films. He and Swiss filmmaker Frank Matter wrote, produced and directed the feature film “The Definition of Insanity” starring himself, Peter Bogdanovich & Bruce Levy.

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The Creative and Spiritual World Are One” – Minister David Gregory, Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, and Dr Mitchell Flaum

I call this world “The Invisible Creative Zone”, which is where you meet your Transcended Creative Self.

This is the space that creation takes place.

David GregoryRabbi Kligler

Minister                    Rabbi
David Gregory            Jonathan Kligler

David Gregory is the minister of North Congregational Church in Middletown, NY a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC). He is active in the interfaith community throughout the Hudson Valley promoting the causes of social justice, inclusion, and diversity. He is a vocal musician that looks for opportunities that combine creative impulse and spiritual energy.

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler has been the spiritual leader of Kehillat Lev Shalem, the Woodstock Jewish Congregation known for its welcoming and heart-opening atmosphere, innovative and inspiring approach to religious practice, and great music. He is an accomplished and recorded singer and folk guitarist..

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Producing Your Own Work” – Ronald Rand, Anna Fishbeyn, Lori Evanson, Richard Skipper and Raleigh Pinskey

In the business of the performing arts, generating your own work puts you in the drivers seat. The best way to get work is to already be working.

Create you own!

Ronald Rand Anna Fishbeyn

Ronald Rand           Anna Fishbeyn

Publisher of “The Soul Of The American Actor” has written and is performing internationally “LET IT BE ART, Harold Clurman’s Life Of Passion” and has authored “Acting Teachers Of America” with Co-Author, Photographer, Actor LUIGI SCORCIA.

Recently did her solo show at Cornelia Street Café entitled, “Conversations with My Breasts”. She further developed a one-woman show, “Sex in Mommyville”, directed by Sande Shurin which premiered at the Flea Theater, NYC in August.

Lori Evanson

Lori Evanson            Richard Skipper        Raleigh Pinskey

She wrote, produced, starred in, and distributed to film festivals the short film “Lulu”. Her new show “Peg and Lou’s Country Music Hour” with Jazz Veteran, Lou Volpe, will be showing at New York’s Iguana.

Critically acclaimed, multi-award winning performer, director, career and now a co-producer of the 2010 Bistro Awards. He has been spellbinding audiences for years and has appeared in the nation’s top venues as Carol Channing.

Her one women show “Evolution Of Soul 685” has toured and is continuing to tour throughout the country. She has been a radio host a Television host and has performed in such shows as “The Vagina Monologues”, “Bells Are Ringing”, “The Pajama Game” & “My Sister Eileen”.

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Intention” – Tripp Hanson, Deb Gallo, Mitch Rapoport, Joanne Lara, and Raleigh Pinskey

We are always manifesting intention. Our job is to make sure that our intention aligns with our objectives bringing us positive results.

“Desire is The Fuel That Keeps You On The Playing Field. INTENTION Fuels The Result”.

Tripp Hanson

Tripp Hanson              Deb Gallo

Is a licensed acupuncturist in private practice in midtown Manhattan. Formerly a Broadway performer- ‘Crazy For You’, ‘Kiss Me Kate’, ‘Boys From Syracuse’, ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’, ‘Drowsy Chaperone’- Tripp understands the needs of the performer and the specific demands of intense athletic and artistic performance. His practice serves a variety of clients in all walks who need to function optimally. Additionally, Tripp has performed on concert stages all over the world, appearing with the Manhattan Rhythm Kings, sharing the bill with Liza Minelli, Chita Rivera, Rosemary Clooney, Tommy Tune, Sandy Duncan, Christopher Walken and Gregory Hines.


Debi has anchored and reported News and Sports for several Television and Radio stations in Washington, D.C., West Virginia, New Jersey and New York. She returned to the New York area to freelance as a reporter in WNBC’s “Chopper 4.” As fate would have it, Debi was not in “Chopper 4” on the day it crashed; she was in the Poconos playing golf. Debi has flown a Fighter Jet plane, covered the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, the Subway Series, NY Giants and NJ Devils playoff games, plus the PGA Tour. She’s even done aerobics with Richard Simmons. As an actress, Debi has appeared Off-Broadway and in many commercials and print ads. Debi currently works as a freelance television reporter and has recently covered earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

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On Auditioning” – Christianne Tisdale and Paul Savas

“Everyone auditions, no matter what your profession. So get used to it and into the creativity of it”. Shurin goes on to say “It is your creation. See it as a short 2 minute show”.

Christianne Tisdale will tell us what she puts into an audition and how she manages sometimes 8 auditions in one week.

Paul Savas gives us his experience being on the other end doing the hiring. Learn from both sides of the auditioning process.

Christianne Tisdale Paul Savas

Christianne Tisdale                Paul Savas

BROADWAY: Beauty and the Beast, Triumph of Love, Titanic (1st National). WEST END: One Touch of Venus. OFF-BROADWAY: Fanny Hill, Fermat’s Last Tango, The York. REGIONAL: Morning’s at Seven, Say Yes!, Berkshire Theater Festival; Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, She Loves Me, New Harmony Theatre; Homeland Security, The Rose of Corazon, Contemporary American Theater Festival; The Drowsy Chaperone, Stages St. Louis; South Pacific, Company, Barrington Stage; Lend Me a Tenor, Engemann Theater; Goodspeed; Arena Stage; Westport Playhouse. FILM AND TV: 30 Rock; Law and Order, CI; the Soaps; David Letterman; Lingerie on E! (don’t ask); Museum Scandals; A Tale of Cinderella.

Paul Savas has just taken lead of The Warehouse Theatre (This is where Bruce Levy’s play SADA premiered April 26th) Founding member of both The Inside-Out Theatre Company and NYC based Hopeful Monsters w/ Festivals in Seattle, Austin and produced their Manhattan debut at La MaMa ETC as well as w/ Boston and Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra performances. The voicing actor for The National Theatre of the Deaf. A certified stage combatant and active choreographer of stage fights. An accomplished teacher across the United States in both California and NY as well as private colleges and universities and at Clemson University, Furman University Learning In Retirement program.

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Playing Out of the Box” – True Blood’s William Sanderson and Jill Diamond

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel that there’s got to be a better way?

Shift you perceptions. Break open your career, your life…play out of the box.

There are openings all around us. Doors that are there that we just don’t see. But once you push those limits beyond what we know, beyond what we think is possible, all of a sudden these doors become visible. You start to see solutions where there was a brick wall.

William Sanderson Jill Diamond

William Sanderson       Jill Diamond

William Sanderson currently Starring as Sheriff Bud Dearborn on HBO’s TRUE BLOOD and known for his roles in DEADWOOD, BLADERUNNER and of course as Larry’s brother to Daryl & Daryl on the NEWHART show.

Multiple Emmy Award winner. Went from actress to Musical Supervisor for soaps and now is Chairman of the Women’s Division of the North American Boxing Federation.

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Defining Your Individual Signature” – Casting Dir. Terry Berland , Jicky Schnee , Kelly Calabrese, Tony Wolf, and Annie Edgerton

What makes you special? What makes you stand out?

It’s your individual signature-your stamp- how you present your unique trademark to the world.

Jickey Schnee Kelly Calacrese Annie Edgerton

Jicky Schnee          Kelly Calabrese              Annie Edgerton

She studied at the British American Drama Academy in England currently studying with Sande Surin, stars in “The Afterlight” with Michael Kelley and Rip Torn, playing Prudence Farrow in “All Good Things” with Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst (dir:Andrew Jarecki) and has a lead role in “Perestroika” with Sam Robards, Alley Sheedy, and F. Murray Abraham. She has been seen on stage on television and is a fine artist.

“Kelly studied improv at The People’s Improv Theater (The PIT NYC), performed on their house team, appeared in many comedy sketches, independent short films, and has written her own one woman murder mystery called “Wasn’t Me.”

Currently, Kelly is an on-camera host for and She interviews celebrities while learning how to NOT trip on the red carpet.

“Mamma Mia!” on Broadway and National Tours for the roles of Donna, Tanya and Rosie Annie has performed cabaret acts at the Duplex and Don¹t Tell Mama in NYC, she is a singer/songwriter currently working on a CD of jazz standards and has sung the National Anthem for seven MLB teams (so far!) Annie has also appeared on film and TV and studies acting with Sande Shurin.

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“The Power Within … Your Authentic Self” – Fiddle Viracola

Everything you need is within you. Everyone has something special. Sometimes it’s palpable and sometimes it’s hidden and has to be discovered.

When I work with an actor it’s the first thing I look for … UNIQUENESS.

Be authentically who you are with all your idiosyncrasies, likes, dislikes and truthful responses.

This is the foundation of developing your Authentic Self.

Fiddle Viracola

Fiddle Viracola

BROADWAY: THE ROSE TATTOO (Anthony La Paglia & Mercedes Ruehl); THREEPENNY OPERA (Sting); QUEEN & THE REBELS (Colleen Dewhurst); CAESAR & CLEOPATRA (Rex Harrison); FILUMENA, (directors: Franco Zeffirelli & Laurence Olivier); THE PHOENIX REP. CO. (s.b. Meryl Streep); THE BEAUTY PART (Bert Lahr); ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST. STREETSCENE & THE BALLAD OF BABY DOE (Beverly Sills). Extensive film, TV, and writing credits.
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“Models to Actors” – Jane Bradbury, Keisha Omilana, and Tamara Whatley

Jane Bradbury  Princess Keisha Omalana

Jane Bradbury     Princess Keisha Omalana

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“Meet the Actors With Multiple Careers” – Mitch Rapoport, Gwen Brown, Laura Banks, and Bettina Skye

Mitch Rapoport

Mitch Rapoport

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“Star Power” – Joyce Brooks/Black Tie Magazine, Peter Hurley, and Kelly Calabrese

Joyce Brooks Peter Hurley Kelly Calacrese

Joyce Brooks          Peter Hurley                     Kelly Calabrese

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“Transcendent Art” – Jicky Schnee, Daniel Anderson, and Pamela Glasner

Jicky Schnee Daniel Anderson

Jicky Schnee       Daniel Anderson

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