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Many things as we know them to be have fallen apart. War continues, the economy has crumbled, our identities have been shaken.

But this is an opportunity to live on the Edge of Creation. Our normal tendency is to pull back and be informed by our history and patterns. But we have the ability, instead, to be propelled by Self Determination. The good element about living in uncertain times is that we can design this uncharted territory and redesign our lives.

9/11 came and shifted life as we knew it. We changed for a while. Our values were different. But it seems we mostly pulled it together, back in the direction that we once knew.

Hit again for the past 6 years (war) and then the economy, we’re still waiting for life to be “normal” and go back to the way we were.

I don’t think it will ever be the same. I hope it will never be the same. I don’t think it’s supposed to be the same. I don’t believe that’s the lesson.

A pulse of excitement replacing the fear has begun. A willingness to step forward, accept and live life differently, boldly, and with excitement making uncertainty our new comfort zone.

A new direction… we can shift our perception, get out on the edge of creation, and play out of the box. Living life, not just a copy of life as we knew it to be, but life as it can be. If not, I’m afraid, the messages will keep coming!

We have the ability to turn our lives, the Country, the world around by every new step we take.

Good thoughts, bright times and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR where all good things are possible.

Wishing you many blessings for 2010

Sande Shurin & Bruce Levy

Sande’s Message 2009/2010

The Future Is Just The Present As You Want It To Be.

Today’s difficult world conditions give us the chance for new possibilities and opportunities. I want to be clear about the difference between opportunities and being opportunistic. Taking opportunities is an expansion process and works for everyone concerned. Being opportunistic is concentric and self absorbing and creates burn-out.

Insist and be intentional about penetrating each moment so deeply that you find the opportunity present.

Our potential is the new frontier. We have the ability to change the world.

In class we work on transforming coding and raising our vibration levels for acting. But by transforming coding and raising vibration levels opens the doors to new opportunities and expanded possibilities.

Carry your own torch not your families.
Be the unique person your were meant to be.
Be your authentic self with your individual signature.
Allow truth to come in and opportunity to open up and the world will transform as you do.

Can you imagine a world filled with fulfilled possibilities!!

Wishing you many blessings for 2009

Sande Shurin & Bruce Levy

Sande’s Message for 2008/2009


Your potential is already in you along with the probabilities of your future projects. Take LEAPS OF FAITH! Everything is on the other side of challenging your fears and doubts. Say YES!, Defy convention and turn a slippery slope into an exciting one as you manifest your dreams.

Blessings and good fortune in the new year.

Bruce & Sande

Sande’s Message for 2007/2008


Desire also designs our inner raw material

Thru our desires we have preferences

Thru our preferences we take action

Thru our actions we expand

Thru our expansions the entire universe expands

Take meaningful action and experience the exuberance and exhilaration of being unstoppable.

To an extraordinary and unstoppable New Year.

Sande & Bruce

Sande’s Message for the Year 2006/2007

Miracles Still Exist.

We may be living through some of the most difficult times in history, and many of us may give up on miracles. But miracles only stop when we give up. Especially during these perilous times we must surrender to and trust the universe to show us the way. It is during this process of surrender and trust when doors to unexpected miracles occur.

When we say ³surrender² we don¹t mean stop. It is time to push our limits beyond our beliefs, push open our creativity beyond any limitations, and surrender to and trust the universe. Doors will appear that you never realized were even there and behind each of these new doors is a miracle.

Wishing you many new doors this coming year.

Sande and Bruce

Sande’s Message for the Year 2005/2006

We live in a world of limits, but the limits are self-imposed. No matter how graceful or difficult a life we choose, it is by choice, and our reality can be transformed, reshaped or altered at any time. The world of creativity and spirit are one. This is where intentions manifest and quantum leaps occur. Quantum leaps are unpredictable growths, events, experiences and capabilities.

Go beyond the edges of your world, as you now know it to be, into the world of creativity and spirit seeking a limitless life.

To success in 2005

Sande Shurin and Bruce Levy

Sande’s Message for the Year 2004/2005

A true artist looks at making a difference in the world with his art. This requires the artist to bring two seemingly disparate worlds together: the creative and spiritual with the physical.

The great creative breakthroughs happen when these two worlds align.

Our inner creative self, our awareness, our higher consciousness, our spirit, our soul, along with our body and actions can and do become one mind … one purpose. The physical and the spirit are interwoven, the source of art and creativity emanating from the spirit and carried into through the physical.

Look for the inner invisible self–which lives within–to manifest through your entire body, your entire life. Create art, create life, manifest your dreams and express your purpose in every action you take, every thought you think, every deed you do.

Living your life in the “now,” as we aspire to do in Transformational Acting, calls on the inner, creative self to align with the physical.

What a wonderful world this could be, living in the now, harnessing the creative/spiritual with the physical.

Natural, effortless peace?


Sande Shurin and Bruce Levy