Sande Shurin, 30-year veteran acting coach, developed her own technique, Transformational Acting. Sande welcomes your questions about acting. If your question is selected, it will be answered on this page. To have your question answered, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Past Questions

Q: Can an 11 year old be a famous actor?

A: The answer… Yes.
With the right training and commitment, absolutely!

Q: At what point of an actor’s career should they look for a manager?

A: Hi, Billy. Good question.

Without knowing you and your background, I can’t answer this specifically for you. However, managers and agents want to be bowled over. A good very short DVD of your work (for film), or excellent reviews, or a solid work history all help. And always have a couple of very solid monologues in your back pocket in case they want to see your work. In my classes we, from time to time, work on monologues, constantly honing them to perfection. We also offer monologue workshops and if you know you are going to be asked to perform a monologue, private coaching is sometimes valuable and worthwhile. And also an actor’s business card is his headshot, so make sure you have a good photographer and get the “money” shot. It’s a shame but in this competitive business an artist has to be a self-marketing expert as well as a great artist. Wishing you well – Sande

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