… acting class is that it is right for you

Whether you are searching for the best class or already in one this is the first step in taking action towards being an actor. Many can dream, but those who make it take action.

What makes a good acting class is that it is right for you and that it speaks to you on many levels. Acting class is to your creativity and technique what the Gym is for your muscles and stamina. It is your workout. I have developed a list of questions for you so that you have some new criteria to help you sort it out.


1) Is the Teacher inspirational and motivational?
2) Do they inspire you to think and try new things?
3) Can you ask questions?
4) Are new ideas stirred within you?
5) Is the energy in the room vital and alive?
6) Are your classmates serious about becoming Actors?
You want a class where everyone is striving to grow. Also these actors are your first hand network to share information with about acting and developing a career.
7) Do you work well with them?
8) Are they supportive? Can you ask Questions?
9) Are you developing?
People learn and grow in different time frames and patterns. So you can only measure your growth by your own.
10) Are you challenged to take risks and try new things?
It’s human nature to want to stay with what we have learned and now do well. However we need to continue forward or, like the tides, we fold in on ourselves. Also there are many, many facets of technique to learn.
11) Are you acknowledged for taking risks whether or not they work out favorably?
You get A for effort. It’s not about NOT making mistakes, It is about how quickly you get up and start again.
12) Do you get to work a scene every time you are in class?
Some classes are so large you have to wait weeks to work. It is preferable to be able to work inside of class weekly.
13) Are you gathering tools that help you as an actor?
Can you be present? Listen and respond, Access your emotions, work with an Intention, transform into a Character?
14) Are the other students developing?
It’s sometimes easier to notice how others are doing until you start to value your own sense of things.
15) Do you have a good experience being there?
As an actor you have to actually have an experience then the audience has one. You must get out of your head and into your feelings. Check into what’s going on for you at different interval’s during the day.
16) Does your class allow for you to use yourself for the foundation of your character work and emotions?
You will do well to be in a class that helps you to discover and utilize the many different aspects of who you are.

I hope these questions bring you many answers, insights, new questions and a very good acting class in which you develop, grow and learn as a person and as an Actor.  Once you’re there it’s in your hands. Just as when you go to the gym. You have to do the work!

Wishing you continued growth and great success.

-Sande Shurin