I am a coach for people who are looking for self-growth and I am a teacher for actors. Transiting back and forth between the two is easy for me, as both are about transformation and the underlying fundamental principals are the same; working on “Self” uncovering and developing your “Authentic Self” and becoming aware that everything you need is within you. For Actors it’s about transforming into character and living the character’s life. For others, it’s about transforming into the person you want to be and living the life you dream of.

Related to “Self” is Potential. Within your potential are the seeds to your individuality, what and who you can become and what you can do. By the time you have read this article YOU HAVE USED UP YOUR POTENTIAL as you knew it to be.  You have used it by going to school, creating careers, gotten to a certain level with your jobs.  You have formed relationships and some of you have created families. You have come to a level of earning power on and on and on and  have not taken on developing new potential. Many of you are now hitting a wall not knowing how to get what you want. Uncovering and developing new potential is actually the next step. Potential can only occur when you have a new vision, access your Authentic Self, and taking Intentional Action. Potential opens up possibility and gives you the ability to be who you need to become to fulfill this vision. It’s one thing to know you can become a great designer but who do you need to become to develop this idea and take it further?  New Potential  helps you to become  the person you need to be to make this your everyday reality?

Another common denominator between acting and human growth is known as “The Zone” which often is called the field of Possibilities in Quantum Physics.  This “Zone” is  the dimension where spirit, creativity and physics are one. Having access to the “Zone” allows us to shift our perception and see new possibilities. There is a natural knowingness that takes the struggle out of making choices and moving in new directions. Actors and non-actors working within the “Zone” have abundant creative energy flowing easily and one can see a myriad of possibilities.

Intentional Action is the fuel that keeps you in the game. It comes from the inner fire of desire matched with your vision of accomplishment. It gets you up in the morning looking forward to your Projects.  For the Actor this Intentional Action takes you along your thru-line to your objective. For Life it helps you take purposeful action and live the Life of your dreams.  Although an exciting idea, taking new action is frightening to many people. We all know what we already have and feel comfortable with and for good or bad it’s seemingly safe because of its familiarity. Resistance also takes hold when we don’t know what steps to take to get what we want. In today’s world everything seems to be uncertain from the weather to wars to the economy. Uncertainty is the edge of creation it provokes change and taking action.  The key is to get into action. Change takes a big leap of faith, desire and vision, not at all beyond any of you.

I urge you to take the jump. It’s thrilling out here.   Sande Shurin

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published on: SelfGrowth.com