Transformational Acting is a new and revolutionary acting technique created and evolved over twenty-five years of teaching and directing experience by Sande Shurin. Expounding on the reasons for creating a new acting technique, Ms. Shurin explains:

In the 1970’s, after having taught a traditional Stanislavski-based technique, I realized I was more excited by the experience of the new, live, theatrical productions and rock concerts than of traditional theatre, film and TV. These new productions were enlivening, electric, emotional experiences. I wanted the same experience for actors and their audiences. I then discovered the concept of the “Emotional Body” which allows the actor to use current emotions instead of recalling from the past, as is traditionally done with sense memory techniques.

The Shurin Technique, Transformational Acting, is the first booked acting technique, since that of the great Russian innovator, Stanislavski, which does not sit on the shoulders of Stanislavski’s work. Such great teachers as Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, and Lee Strasberg (to name but a few) are all derived from the old Russian master’s work. Transformational Acting has been created for the new actor for this new period of time.

Using this innovative technique, Shurin also develops each person’s individuality and uniqueness. We help actors find the silent space within where they find their power, their essence, and their creativity, as well as the spontaneity to express it. It is here the actor finds a new blueprint for the character psyche and the emotional connection to the character. The key is, “Who do you have to become to be that character”.

Transformational Acting gives the actor access to his creativity and humanity and to his ability to take risks and work boldly.

“You are either controlling or powerful” –Sande Shurin

Transformational Acting develops an actor’s ability to use current emotions rather than recalling from the past. This enables the actor to presence and use 100% of self. The result is a brilliantly spontaneous and engaging performance while fulfilling the intention of the material.