NYC is the quintessential city for Acting schools, Acting Studio’s, Conservatories, Academy’s, Restaurants, Theatres, Fashion and People. All varieties of people, many of which attend all of those places. Of course our focus is related to the Acting sources. How to choose from all the variety? First be assured there is one that is right for you. I will try to set you on a clearer path of exploration.

To begin I will start with what I know best our Acting Studio, Sande Shurin Acting Studio. We do have a program for beginning and intermediate students but are known for my work with advanced working actors. I created my own acting technique 30 years ago called Transformational Acting. It focuses on developing your Authentic Self, defining your Individual Signature and using your uniqueness as the base of transforming into character. This work precedes other elements of my acting technique.. The Actors that are drawn to my technique have a propensity for higher awareness and Self Exploration, including actors already trained in Method and Meisner, who want more of their current selves infused in the work. (Some of this information is from my book Transformational Acting. Read more about us in my books Transformational Acting and Star Power).

“Method” Acting is taught at the Lee Strasberg Institute as well as many other schools. It employs Sense Memory, relaxation and object exploration exercises. If you have a bent for deep psychological exploration and delving into your past experiences you might try this.

Sanford Meisner’s technique is taught in many two year acting programs at acting schools and conservatory’s. There are some very fine teachers putting their students thru repetition and preparation exercises, utilizing imagination and calling you into the future with the transporting word “IF”. This technique does lead to spontaneity and works very well for those drawn to a 2year methodical program.


After you’re drawn to an Acting School/Studio learn more about them. Use the Internet to find their websites. Read about the Acting teachers, Qualified Acting Teachers by Larry Silverberg and the very comprehensive Acting Teachers of America by Ronald Rand with Photographs by Luigi Scorcia.

Meet them by calling for an interview. If that goes well see if you can further your experience by auditing a class, some teachers allow audits, or taking a class. In my case, if you have some experience you can register into a 1 long day Intensive with me. I teach the fundamental elements of my acting technique as well as on camera acting technique. Then you are ready to continue on into weekly classes taught by myself. If you are just beginning and have no work experience you can take a class with another Teacher at our Studio that has been trained by me.


Once you’re in class the criteria for a new students are:

1-Are you learning how to act?
2-Are you inspired?
3-Are the other students in class progressing?
4-Are you challenged to go further?
5-Are you able to apply what you are learning to your scenes?

Criteria for advanced Actors

1-Are you developing as an actor?
2-Are you better at your auditions?
3-Are you getting better feedback from industry people about your work/
4-are you booking more work?
5-Are you feeling more Creative about your acting work?

There are many good Acting teachers. My wish is for you to find one that develops your potential as an artist and as a person in addition to teaching  a great technique.

-Sande Shurin