… Actor

Becoming a professional actor begins with you BEING that way. Think, do, act as a professional actor and that will lead you into becoming one.



We begin with the physical act of doing:

1-Get the best Pictures you can afford at the time

And make sure it looks like you. Put a resume together. If you haven’t worked much find assistance, such as your acting teacher, another actor or a career coach. Write a short cover letter. Do mailings. Everyone starts somewhere and background work in film and on the soaps is a great start.

2-Enroll into a great acting class

Read my article on Acting Classes. Call the unions to find out the particulars for each one. SAG, EQUITY, AFTRA. Keep that in mind but do not join too soon as you first need to build up your resume, get some good work experience and be seen by agents and managers.

3-Have your audition clothes ready. And start playing with different looks for roles you are suited for.

4-Develop a great network of supporters

5-Network at every event you can find

6-Audition for work in every medium

7-Keep organized

Jot down peoples names/cell phone # and e-mail addresses. Utilize them by keeping in touch frequently.

8-Join the online social networks

9-Join a gym and keep in good shape



This means to do things in a clear and professional way:

1-Be on time

Don’t blame the public transportation system. We know they run late at times. Leave your house early.

2-Prepare for your audition. Work on your own, work with a friend, or hire a coach.

3-Write a thank you note when you sincerely mean it; Such as when the Casting person really helped you, or you learned something new.

4-Dress well, look good, and invest in a good haircut. In short, be clean and well groomed. You’re out in the professional world, doing professional things, so carry yourself as a professional.

5-Carry business cards with your picture and contact info; and always have a few pictures and resumes on hand.



What you think about will imprint on your psyche and alter who you are

1-Occupy your thoughts with improving your skills, finding work, doing creative exercises (refer to exercises in “Transformational Acting”) finding work, creating your own work and learning scripts.

2-Keep focused on your accomplishments. Everyone has disappointments, but allow yourself only 1 hour of dark time, (actually time it) than out into action. Develop a philosophy, tag line, point of view that keeps you going. Such as: “Keep in action, you can’t get anywhere in a parked car”. “Little by little an acorn grows” Grass doesn’t grow under these feet” “The best is yet to come”

3-Listen to positive and motivational tapes, and do some affirming phrases. “The older I get the more life opens up for me”  “I know I’m on the best path for me” 4-Create a checklist for yourself with items I’ve mentioned earlier. Such as: do I need a haircut, am I networking enough. And refer to it daily.


As the saying goes, “That which you focus on you will become”. Living as a professional Actor is your guide to being one.

You need to be the best you can be at every given moment. Wishing you that fulfillment.

-Sande Shurin