Your Acting career might well be subtitled Mind Set, Attitude and Vision; as you will do well having a strong and intentional mindset, a positive attitude (at least manageable), and a clear vision.

The first component of Mind Set is determination.  You have hopefully been developing as an Actor and feel ready to begin to build your career. Your determination will see you thru auditioning, being hired, not being hired, finding representation, reviews, constantly improving, and getting to where you want to be. Your attitude carries the energy you give off. And you want people to want to work with you. Vision leads you to accomplishment and moving in the best direction. Do you want to be a Star, a working actor, a highly respected working actor. Vision directs your next move.

Which brings us to a working formula:


1- A good picture/resume and cover letter
Ask other actors for recommendations, check out photographers that you read about. Your picture is your calling card. Use one that looks like you. Keep your resume truthful, but use every bit of experience possible. Keep cover letter short.

You are going to send your pic/resume/cover letter to introduce yourself to Agents and Managers. Then     add Casting Directors and Directors. If you are in a Show or Film or TV show keep them informed.

3-Online Submissions
A lot of casting is now done electronically. Do your homework on where and how to submit. To name a few; Actors Access & NY Casting. Buy the Trade Paper for your area. For NY and LA Backstage Publications is very popular.

This runs the gamut from casting events that you pay a fee for, to parties, lectures, showcases, film screenings. Be a reader for a casting director.

5-Creating a support system
This includes other actors, directors, producers, agents, casting directors, as well as lawyers, doctors, natural healers. Make sure you are there for them as well. Run lines, do mailings together, recommend each other for work, or just be a good listener.

6-Create your own work
The best way to get work is to be working. Put on a showcase with friends. Develop a 1person show, work in a student film  (especially a grad film) Keep active and be VISIBLE.

7-Technology & Marketing
You are a business and your job is to market your talent  and forward your Acting Career.  To that point have business cards made with your picture, occupation, and contact information. Give them to as many people as possible.  Create a website, include clips from professional work.  Write a blog. And join the social media. Face Book, Linked in, Twitter. Keep current of productions, casting in your town and elsewhere. PROMOTE YOURSELF even when you get Representation.

In addition to having determination, attitude, and vision for your career; it will also determine the inner feelings you bring to this venture. It is for YOU, it is your choice and your creation. Remember there is always something you can do to forward your Acting Career.

Wishing you amazing projects, fulfillment and success, I look forward to hearing from you and about you.

-Sande Shurin