Everyone auditions, job interviews are an audition, anyone who has clients auditions. When you walk into a shop the shopkeeper is auditioning and so are you as a customer. Granted as an actor you are preparing and putting a lot more into an audition than the others; they probably just need an attitude adjustment and to turn on the charm.  The upside to all of  the preparation is that you have to be focused and in the creative zone engaged and creative; this heightens your frequency. You cannot audition with your everyday pedestrian Energy. You have to bring up and into focus the best of you and your character and then show up playing 100%. These are your first two notes. PREPARE well for an audition and heighten your FREQUENCY by staying in the “Creative Zone”

The following are 12 more notes for a great audition. Some of the material has been excerpted from my book “Star Power”

1-The casting people want to see you
Your Authentic Self (presence and what you’re going thru) Your Star Power (IT factor) emerge when you are with your experience, in the creative zone and uniquely who you are.

2-Never try to be what you think they want
You can only be a bad imitation of someone else and a great you.

3-Do not let the reader pace you

4-Take risks
Make a few bold choices and go.

5-Do not try to follow punctuation
If you do it sounds like reading rather that talking.

Listen, Associate (what does that line I hear evoke in me) Respond.

What is my character’s essence? Are they bold and driven? fragile and broken?  complex and disturbed? Find this within yourself.

8-Create a secret for your character

Begin strongly intended. Take an attention grabbing first action.

10-What’s going on for your character? This question will get to your action and often to the subtext, which is causing you to take the action.

Give your fear to the character by using something in their circumstances that they could be afraid of such as, (I’m afraid of doing that job). This will allow you to feel what you’re feeling and be present.

12-remember, they need to find the right actor for the role.
Just as you need to work they too need to find the best actor for the job. They are on your side; have a good attitude.

An audition is your creation. Just as a painter creates a painting and a writer a story; you create by acting. There are many ways to tell a story. FIND YOURS.

Wishing you the thrill of creation, auditioning and booking the job.

-Sande Shurin